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Never in human history has the global circulation of images happened at the speed and scale it is now. When cameras were invented over 200 years ago, they required people to operate them. Besides machine-operated surveillance cameras and drones, we now see images that are generated by AI in the absence of both human bodies and minds.

It’s time to revisit the triad of bodies, cameras, and images of bodies. The images of our bodies—whether filmed by ourselves, by others, or by machines, move in the world in deeply different ways than we can. Our images will not die the same deaths we will. Kirsten Johnson's keynote will urge us to think through what it really means for each of us to film from the specificity of our own bodies.

Biography (submitted by the speaker):

Kirsten Johnson is a filmmaker and one of the only 5% of women members of the American Society of Cinematographers. Her film Dick Johnson is Dead won the Jury Prize for Innovation in Nonfiction Storytelling at Sundance 2020 as well as a Primetime Emmy for Directing. Her film Cameraperson is a part of the Criterion Collection. Her camerawork appears in, among others, Academy Award winner Citizenfour and Cannes winner Fahrenheit 9/11. She is currently working on a scripted feature based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning biography of Susan Sontag as well as writing a book about how image-making is in unprecedented new territory.